About S.A.F.E.

Simply Amazing Family Environment

Simply Amazing Family Environment is a private practice counseling agency developed to provide confidential and safe support to individuals and families, who want to address family conflict, emotional distress, daily stressors, mental health issues, and other challenges. S.A.F.E. is committed to giving our clients the time, empathy, resources, and tools needed to promote growth in a nonjudgmental and health environment.  We believe our clients should feel SAFE. 

Simply Amazing Family Environment is an organization designed to promote the growth and happiness of each individual and to strengthen the family unit. S.A.F.E. is committed to giving our clients and families the tools, support, and resources needed to build their dreams by accomplishing their goals.  

Additionally at S.A.F.E. we understand the importance of a strong and loving family system and educate each family member on acknowledging they are a vital part of making their family all that it can be! The family is the most important influential organization in the world. We understand that the individual differences can contribute to strengthening the family.

We know that investing in the family works. We work with the family to help them to understand each other, support one another, and to create the change they want. We promote the various types of family life, whether it is single parents, grandparents as parents, step parents, or foster parents. We understand family’s are different social units regarded as equivalent to the social unit. 

SAFE provides individual and group services to increase your learning experience. We help families confront matters that they are concerned about.