Treatment Specilizations

Depression & Anxiety


Individuals who struggle with depression and anxiety may experiences sadness, trouble sleeping, fear, low energy and motivation. Engaging in counseling will help process symptoms and build stabilization. 

Crisis & Trauma Focused


Often times individuals have experienced trauma, emotional distress, and life threatening situations, or emotional and physical abuse which creates destructive effects. Addressing trauma will relieve feelings of guilt, anger, feelings of powerlessness, and other mental health issues. 

Family/Couples Counseling


Family/Couples counseling will address the behaviors of the family and identify possible destructive behaviors to promote a healthy, stable, happy,  and SAFE environment. 

Parenting Education


Parenting education will provide insight into interventions and additional resources to strengthen the parent and increase consistency and empowerment to promote the parent child relationship. 



Addiction is a disease in which an individual finds themself unable to control use or trouble stopping use. Counseling can assist in developing the steps to overcome. 

Domestic Violence


Domestic violence consist of physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and financial abuse. S.A.F.E. will keep the identify of our clients confidential and assist in processing the abuse you endured.